Waiting Game

Travelling is very much a waiting game a times, currently I’m sat in an internet Cafe in the Southern Thai town Surat Thani waiting to catch a train at 00:51 – its now 19:00!  I had to get here so early as the last boat I had to catch to the mainland is at 15:30.  Oh well, it gives me a chance to upload some photos, I’ve put some from Vietnam here, and Thailand here.

Heres me in one of the bamboo hats the Vietnammese like to wear (even hides my big hair!):

Nice Hat!

Not too much to report from the last few days, mainly just been sat on a beach reading!  Spent 3 days on the island of Koh Phangnan, we moved down to the south of the Island on the 2nd day for a bi more nightlife!  It was ok, nice beaches – at night they had a warm up full moon party (which didn’t seem that different to the real thing to me – I went last year) and it was spot the Thai person.  Lots of drunk westerners.  We had a nice hut right on the beach, its cool hearing the sea when you go to bed!  And some fantastic sunsets:

Sunset on Koh Phangnan

Yesterday we came back over to Koh Samui, which is the largest of the Islands.  Again didn’t do much except for swim and read – oh and I watched a bit of the Ashes.  The Islands are nice, but dint really reflect true Thailand as they are so westernised due to the many package tour companies going there.

So its off to Malaysia next, not going to have much time here but looking forward to seeing its capital, Kuala Lumpur, because its got a cool name!  Tomorrow I’ll probably do an overnight stop in the northern town of Georgetown (named by us Brits) on the Island of Penang, whish is supposed to be nice.  I aim to be in Singapore (three train journeys on Dec 8th) as my flight to Australia is on the 10th.  The Asia adventure is nearly over, strange feeling of sad at leaving Asia (love it here) but excited to be going to Australia too!

6 thoughts on “Waiting Game

  1. Paul Valente

    Yeah, it just wouldn’t be the same without the waiting. Otherwise when would it all sink in? Just thought I would leave a note since I was just thinking about that concept today then I ran accross your blog. Well have a wonderful trip – beautiful photo by the way.

  2. frostystoo

    A special hat for a special boy. I’m so glad you don’t look like one of those pesky “package holiday” tourists.

    News from the Empire: The British and Royal Canadian Army have launched an invasion of the North American colonies after it was decided that their declaration of independance 200 years ago was illegal. Rule Brittania!

  3. Alex

    Great hat mate, did you just borrow it or have you actualy got to fit that thing in your bag each time you pack now??

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