Poshing it up!

Just in bangkok Airways lounge at Bangkok Airport – bit posh for a cheapskate backpacker like me!  Free food, drink, internet, papers – nice to have a few perks!  Certainly beats the 3 days of getting bumped around through Cambodia!  Just catching up on the Coventry City highlights, good to see us banging some goals in, playoffs still possible!

Flight to Samui’s delayed 20 mins so I’m off to stock up on the freebies – gotta make the most of a free feed…….

2 thoughts on “Poshing it up!

  1. pam

    Enjoy the R&R – (quite jealous really) – and Tom’s company on the beach. Thinking of you as I look out at the wind and rain. The hectic stress of dashing to and from work in the dark. The mad Christmas panic that has now arrived and the short miserable days. Are you missing us?

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