5am Partying

We went down to HK Islands Longhart Road last night on the recommendation of Carols friend Jon.  Its certainly a lively place – lots of bars (mainly girly bars!) that were open till dawn!  Somehow we managed to stay awake till 5am – although Tom and I both fell asleep on the bus on the way back!  Don’t feel too bad today – although we’ve been chilling out mainly – went for some Dim Sum again which kinda made us feel worse!  Had some steamed Noodle beef rolls, which had a texture that made them very hard to keep down!

Have uploaded my Hong Kong photos here.

Heres me at the top of the peak, as you can see very spectacular views across the city:

Shep at the top of the peak

Might go back up there tonight to see the light show accross the harbour, we’ll get the tram up this time though!  We’ve an early start tommorrow – off to the airport for 7am for our flight to Bangkok so will be taking it easy tonight!  Hong Kong is a buzzing place, very busy – too busy, looking forward to getting a bit more chilled out in Northern Thailand.

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  1. frostystoo

    What do you mean by ‘girly bars’ Shep ?!?

    Can’t believe Tom made it until 5am before he fell asleep. Don’t think he made it past midnight any night in Budapest.

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