Buddhas, Babys, and Houses!

Been to see the Big Buddha today, very nice, its on Lantau Island which has a population of 45’000, HK Island has a population of 1.4m!  It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Lantau Island is very mountainous with a rugged landscape – a stark contrast to HK Island and Kowloons cityscape.  The Buddha itself is touristy but good to see – I’ve always had a good vibe from Buddism.  Loads of tourists though but thats HK.

We got the ferry to the Island which was good as it offered a perspective of the geography of the Islands – surprisingly bumpy though as the sea looked carm!  We then caught the bus driven by asias Colin McRae I think – equally as bumpy as the ferry!  After seeing Buddha we got the Cable Car to the north of the Island – pretty high so had great views of the city, although its very hazy here so visibility is limited.  On the way back to Kowloon we stopped for Dim Sum (steamed dumplings full of meat or seafood) which was surprisingly cheap but very nice!  The resturant had fish tanks full of lobsters, carp, and crabs – all of which I think were on the menu!

Off out for a night on HK Island tonight.  Going to celebrate the birth of Jessica Wade, I’m really happy for Al and Katherine, having known Al for 20+ years and been his bestman I know he’ll make a great Dad – just a pity he’s a Villa fan!  Also celebrating being a homeowner today – my house has finally been built – fingers crossed we can get a tenant in it asap!  Feels a bit wierd all of this is going on 10’000 miles away!

Hopefully should have time to upload my HK photos tommorrow (might be recovering from a hangover I guess!).

Pratty, yep got a round the world ticket – with One World Alliance – deffo go to China its a great experience.

3 thoughts on “Buddhas, Babys, and Houses!

  1. frostystoo

    Why is it that when I read Shep’s posts sat here at my office desk I feel extremely jealous?

    Still, me and Russ (and other halfs) will be able to enjoy some Dim Sum in Leam tomorrow night so its not all bad.

    Did you know that Dim Sum is a Cantonese phrase, literally “touch the heart” but meaning “morsel/snack”? It may be derived from yat dim sum yi, meaning a “a little token”. Though the English word “dim sum” refers to the Cantonese variety, the idea of a wide variety of small dishes for lunch also holds for other regions of China.

  2. Pratty

    Im up this weekend as well stu so ive tagged along. Hmmm Dim Sum

    Cheers shep ill check it out.

    Its horrible sitting at work reading about people living it up in exotic climbs while all you have to look forward to is filing and hassle!, hopefully my numbers come up tonight (100mil) and after ive bought cov some decent players ill be off!

  3. Carol

    Well, while your busy having fun in HK, eating lovely food etc i’ve been busy at work castrating rats! Someones got to do it, unfortunately it was me…too much info???
    Can’t believe we’ve got another 6 months of your adventures to come. You’ll definitely be able to write a book after all this.
    Great news about baby Jessica, congratulations Al and Katherine. Glad to hear the house is sorted too, fingers crossed for tenants.
    Will think of you whilst having a beer tonight too.
    Speak soon x

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