On to Hong Kong

Tom and I flew down to Hong Kong today, much warmer!!! Managed to get the shorts out! First impressions are it’s a very busy City, and very compact – there’s hardly any space left! It’s a lot more Westernized than Beijing (unsurprisingly) but there’s still a big China influence here. We’re staying on Kowloon which is near Hong Kong Island. We’re sharing a twin room that’s the size of my bathroom at home – they really do make the most of the space here – good job I know Tom quite well! Not so cheap as China – but we had a decent meal for 3 quid for both of us so not to expensive! Pretty knackered as we were up at 5am this morning to get to the airport so early night I think. Tomorrow we’ll explore and take the ferry across to HK Island.

Yesterday we visted the Temple of Heaven in Beijing – they made sacrificies here to pray for good harvests – heres Tom and I infront of the temple:

It was a bit warmer than the days before so we walked for miles! So far infact we were well knackered last night. We got lost down a load of Hutongs (backalleys), where we saw some of the real Beijing! We also visited some markets where you could buy anything from Turtles to DVDs – quite interesting! They seemed particularly keen to sell us memory cards! I’ve added some more China photos here.

Got the bus back to the hostel and as it was passing Tiananmen Square a woman threw loads of propaganda leaflets out the window – prompting mass chaos/shouting and police running after the bus to arrest her – guess they take littering seriously 😉 The police frog marched her off the bus into a police car, communism at work?

Really enjoyed China, a very interesting place to visit – would like to come back and see some more rural areas and perhaps visit Xian (where the Terracotta Warriors are) and Shanghai.

Looks like there’s a good buzz about Hong Kong though so looking forward to spending a few days here before heading to Thailand. Gutted Coventry lost for the second game in a row 0-1, come on Micky sort it out!

4 thoughts on “On to Hong Kong

  1. Luke

    Yo shep!

    A week has passed already, crazy. Glad you’re having a smashing time, have been reading the blog and looking at the many many pictures. Geek. Seriously, take care and keep us updated.


    PS, are you two tall out there?

  2. Alex

    Sorry I haven’t posted before today, tbh I didn’t actually pay enough attention to the site to see the ‘comment’ function on it!

    Glad to hear you finally got your bag. They say these things come in three’s so if you consider that over the perspective of the year then you’ll no doubt lose it once more before your trip is out!!! (Hopefully not)

    It certainly looks an intersting place and sounds like you have visited the sites the way you would want to. (ie your Great Wall trip).

    No sign of Baby Wade as yet, the due date is not for another two weeks yet and she might go another two weeks over at most. I’ll keep you posted and send a picture or two as and when baby arrives.

    If you need I’ll keep you up to date with the Villa scores too. I see Rich is chief reporter with regards the Shi…. sorry City. Let me know if your interested 😉

    Anyway, will keep tabs on your blog as you go along, you seem very studious at the moment, look forward to hearing more from you soon.

    Take care,


  3. Luke

    Yo Shep

    Tried to leave a comment earlier today but I guess I forgot to press the go button. Glad you’re having a good time and that your bags finally got to you, I’ve been reading the blog and looking at the many pictures!!

    It’s cool that you’ve met up with Tom now…. just look after him and his belongings cos he’s a bit of a nightmare as far as I remember!

    Have fun matey


    PS Are you and Tom considered tall out there?????

  4. frostystoo

    Your adventure is a bit like Lord of the Rings. Tom is the Hobbit and Shep is Gollum.

    Freakin Graham Poll sent off McFaddan last night for apparently calling him a “cheat” after not giving a blatent penalty when AJ was fouled. Everton went on to lose 1-0 and were knocked out of the League Cup. What a T******R. Only good thing is that Man Utd got knocked out by Southend the night before.

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