Its blummin cold!

Winds from Mongolia swept in today! really cold! also means large dust clouds which gets in your throat! Been walking around the city, before meeting Tom at Tiananmen square – which was strange – but good to see a face I know! We went for lunch where the menu had an English translation – ‘chaos dumplings’, ‘large surface’, and ‘pig face powder’ were on the menu! I decided to go for the plain and simple ‘fresh dumplings’! We’re going to go and have some Beijing (Peking) Duck tonight – should be interesting.

Good to catch up with Tom though, sounds like he’s had a great time on his challenge – check his blog/photos here.

Thanks for all your messages, keep em coming. Last day in Beijing tommorrow – then to Hong Kong where its a nice 28 degrees, bring it on……..

4 thoughts on “Its blummin cold!

  1. Russ

    Yo Big hair.

    Sounds like you’re having an exciting time, we’ve had some excitement in Waterloo Street. I’ve finally installed power to my Dishwasher…yeaaaahaa..!

    Did you get the Bolivian “Death road” photos on that PowerPoint presentation? Looks erm……fun?!

    Hong Kong will be such a contrast as its super hot there with the humidity etc. Go see the Big Budda on the Hill, there’s a bus to it from the underground station. Its some sight, a budda which is big on top of a ruddy big mountain!

    Anyways, enjoy, take care and speak to you soon…..(sent some emails recently), oh and say Mushi mushi to Tom! BTW “Administration happy” Leicester City is poised to be bought by that chap Milan Mandaric so that’ll help them up the league!

    Adios senior

  2. frostystoo

    Some interesting facts about Hong Kong….

    – While the traffic in mainland China drives on the right, Hong Kong still maintains its own road rules, with traffic continuing to drive on the left.

    – Under British rule, ethnic Chinese Hong Kong residents (and other Hong Kong residents) were able to join the British Forces Overseas Hong Kong. However, since the handover in 1997, no Hong Kong resident is allowed to join the PLA.

    – Hong Kong has limited natural resources, and most food and raw materials must be imported.

    – The name “Hong Kong”, literally meaning “fragrant harbour”, is derived from the area around present-day Aberdeen and Wong Chuk Hang on Hong Kong Island, where fragrant trees were once abundant and widely exported.

    – Hong Kong Island was first occupied by the British, and then formally ceded by the Qing Dynasty of China in 1842 under the Treaty of Nanking after China’s defeat in the First Opium War. It became a crown colony in 1843.

    – The majority of Hong Kong’s population practices ancestor worship due to the strong Confucian influence.

    – Hong Kong is as of 2006 the fourth most expensive city in the world to live in.

    – About 40% of the land is designated as Country Parks and Nature Reserves

  3. Pratty

    Just thought id let you know cov were awful last night, lost one nil to stoke and they had ten men for last 25 min – could not score in a thai wh0re house!! Some things wont change while you were away!

    Still jealous – photos look amazing – were thinking of going to china now!

    Anyway back to the boredom of work

    PS Lecister are just as bad as us!!

  4. Alex

    Just to continue the trivia theme….. Did you know that Britain was not obliged to hand back Hong Kong at the end of it’s lease but did so having come to an agreement back in 1984 wihlst Maggy Thatcher was in power, on the previso that the Chinese retained the social and economic system already in place until 2047!!!!

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