Iguazu Waterfalls

Another busy few days has seen us visit one of the natural wonders of South America, Iguazu Waterfalls. The river Iguazu forms a boundary between Argentina and Brazil, and at its most spectacular part masses of water plunge of a giant plateau – never seen anything like it! Masses and masses of water falling into an abyss. The falls can be seen from both sides, here’s the view from the Argentine side.

Iguazu Waterfalls - from Argentina side

The falls span about 2.5 miles of cliff producing 275 cascades of falls, and its loud you can hear the falls miles away! The power of the water is immense and where it all comes from I don’t know! The biggest fall is 269 feet high, but others are broken by ledges that send up clouds of mist and spray creating rainbows over the falls!

Rainbow over the falls

The Argentine side has lots of walkways  that enable you to get up close to the falls  – so you can get soaked by the spray!  Several of the lookouts have you peering directly over the plunging water looking down into the abyss below, really cool.  Here’s Russ getting soaked by a very powerful fall – he’s a tart aint he!

Taking a shower Iguazu style

He took a photo of me and pretended the camera wasn’t working so I had to stand there for ages getting soaked!    Fortunately its pretty hot so you dry off quick.  A few K’s upstream is the biggest part of the falls, known as the ‘Gargantuan del Diablo’ (Throat of the Devil), which looks like water falling over the edge of the world.  Its massive, powerful and awesome – a bit like the plug hole of the world!

Gargantuan del Diablo

Took plenty of photos and heres a load from the Argentina side.

After seeing the falls from the Argentine side we crossed over to Brazil and saw it from there yesterday.  You can’t get as close to the falls from that side but the view is more panoramic.  One of the best things about the falls is its location is an massive expanse of green jungle.  Probably nice and green from all the spray from the falls, seemed even more on the Brazil side!

View from Brazil side

Heres some photos from the Brazil side.

We flew north to Rio De Janeiro late last night where we are staying right near Copacabana beach seems pretty nice although haven’t seen much of it yet.  Only a few days of the trip left!!!!  Going to have to make the most of it!

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