Montevideo and back

Its been a busy few days, we’ve been to Uruguay and back!  I never ever expected to go to Uruguay but somehow found myself there on Wednesday!  Well worth the effort though, really cool place – much more relaxed than Buenos Aires!  We caught a ferry from BA across the river plate to the Uruguayan town of Colonial, it only took an hour or so.  From there we caught a bus to the nations capital of Montevideo.  Really nice place, very colonial, much much smaller than BA with nice leafy suburbs and quiet plazas.

Main square in MontevideoÂ

Not that we noticed much of this straight away as we dashed to find a bar showing the Liverpool v Chelsea game!  But we took in the city after the game and both of us took an immediate liking too it, nice people too.  We had a nice meal in the evening and a few beers in one of the small cosy cafe/bars – all good.  Next morning we had a wander down to the dock, very choppy murky waters – we didn’t stay long!  Then we visited the Mercado del Puerto a really cool place where they have large grills ‘parrillas’ over giant barbeques with masses and masses of meat cooking over it.  You pull up a pew in front of the grill and they serve you whatever you want straight from the grill.

Mercado Del PuertoÂ

I can’t put into words how good it was, the ribs and lamb was superb!  The only prob we got full quickly and couldn’t sample more!  One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had I reckon!  We didn’t eat again all day!

In the late afternoon we caught a ferry back to Buenos Aires slightly gutted that we couldn’t spend longer in Uruguay, somewhere to return to!  We wanted to get back to watch Boca Juniors play and we quickly headed to the area know as ‘La Boca’ in the poorer part of town – unfortunately the game was in a different stadium though, doh!  We felt a right pair of plums!  Never mind we found a bar and watched the game there, not quite the same though!  We also returned to the stadium today to do a tour – not quite the same but at least we saw a bit of it!  A big ground  with a capacity of 50k or so, mainly all standing, quite different to English grounds – there’s a massive fence around the pitch to keep the crowd out!    Boca are the best team in  South America arguably and there fans are fanatical,  footy is a religion for them.  Maradona is a regular spectator and has a seat dedicated to him for life in a stand that looked more like a block of flats.  Good to see, shame we couldn’t sample the atmosphere of a game though.  Russ says he will be back when Coventry play here in the supercup!

At Boca Juniors ground

We’re off out soon to sample a Friday night in BA, the supposed best place to party in South America!  The problem is they don’t go out till midnight and go clubbing from 3am till 7am – two old English blokes like us will be in bed by then!

Have uploaded photos of our brief stint in Uruguay here and more of Argentina here.

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  1. Pam

    I’m watching the days ticking down and am really sad that in only a week’s time I won’t be able to follow your blog any more. However, in just a week’s time we have a proper English roast dinner waiting for you and boy am I looking forward to that! Have fun this week but make sure you are on that flight! Mx

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