Buenos Aires

Yesterday we flew down to Buenos Aires arriving here mid-morning. For some reason I was feeling a bit icky – too much steak or red wine probably (we had another steak dinner the night before)! So it wasn’t a great trip for me, but at least the plane was more comfortable than some of the buses we’ve been getting.

We managed to get to the game in Salta, pretty cool experience – the fans are a bit crazy here! Juvetud (the local team) won 2-1 with two goals in the last few minutes, including a dubious penalty that sparked a full on fistfight between the away team, ref, and the riot police – very amusing! The riot police were armed with tear gas, big dogs, and shot guns!

Footy in Salta

The standard of footy wasn’t great, Leamington could of given both teams a good game, but the atmosphere was good. Russ purchased a Juvetud hat and fitted right in – with his bright yellow T-shirt and white skin!

Buenos Ares is really cool, it is very European and you feel like your in Madrid or London at times. Lots of shops/boutiques – the to come for cheap designer gear ladies. The city has a very cosmopolitan vibe, some really cool cafes and bars too. We’ve just been mooching about and taking it in. Only downside is its pretty busy, Oxford St on a Saturday again! Cos I was feeling rough yesterday I didn’t eat for 24hours, which sucked as the foods good here!

Feeling back to normal today so undertook more mooching, and had a decent lunch! Also sat in a pub with a Guinness and watched the Man U game in the Champions League! We’ve booked a couple of flights to get us up to Rio too – quite nice to do nothing much!

Russ woke up this morning and informed me he was going to get his haircut – to which I didn’t believe him as he’s like the boy who cried wolf, but this time he really meant it! So here’s a stuartshepherd.co.uk exclusive:

Before After

Before                                                                          After

Much better I reckon, jeez he was like a big girl getting it cut – he nearly burst into tears at one point! He complained his ears were cold as soon as we got out the barbers!

Tomorrow we’re going to Uruguay! Bit unplanned but we’ve been told the capital Montevideo is really nice and well worth a visit, and its on a few hours boat ride from here so were heading over for two days. We’ll be back in BA on Thursday, hopefully in time to catch the Boca Juniors match – yes this week is revolving around footy!

4 thoughts on “Buenos Aires

  1. Alex

    I’m guessing he didn’t speak any english….which is why it ended up like that then? Don’t worry russ… it’ll grow out! (Only kidding much better)

  2. Luke

    Ha ha! Russ, you should have worn your glasses in the before picture, then the hairdresser would have looked like a relative!

    Nice ‘do!


  3. Lydia

    Thank bloody god! You were beginning to let the Dury looks slip! You look great babe glad the comb-over has gone!!!
    Love Lyds xxxx

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