Banos and an extra day in Quito

On Thursday Russ and I caught the bus to the small town of Banos, about 50km north west of Riobamba.  Banos is a pleasant place, its name translated into English is toilet!  It has lots of Thermal Baths due to its location in a volcanic valley (its been destroyed by Volcanoes/Earthquakes many times!)  – supposedly they are good for you.  We took advantage and spent a few hours relaxing in the pools, which were surprisingly hot!  Because the town is slightly lower at 1200m the weather was warmer and we were able to get our shorts out for the first time in a while – Russ wants to reduce his milkyness as seen here!

Russ outside Banos Church

The church is very nice, very big inside with lots of paintings of an angel looking down and protecting the town from disasters (obviously the angel had days off from time to time!).  In the evening we went to a lookout point in the mountains above the town, where we were told we might see glowing lava on the smoking Volcano Tungurahua which looms above the town.  Unfortunately we only saw a large ash cloud and the odd bolt of lightning caused by the atmospheric pressure up there.  Good view of the town below though.

Yesterday after another visit to the Thermal baths we caught the bus back to Quito.  Unfortunately it took longer than we thought and ended up rushing for our flight to Lima.  We arrive with about an hour and a half to spare but were told the flight was overbooked and we couldn’t fly!!!

Bad news at the airportÂ

After lots of time spent arguing (mainly from Russ –  I was told to be quiet ;)) we ended up staying last night in the Sheraton Hotel (which seems wrong – way to posh for this trip – the first time someone has carried my backpack for me!!) in Quito and will get the same flight tonight.  As compensation we have been given a night in a hotel with all our meals and US$170 in cash.  Its no big deal really, we had wanted two days in Lima to enable us to go and see the Nazca lines, but now we are going to use our compensation money to do the more expensive one day fly tour from Lima.  Of course we are  milking the all expenses paid thing…’s Russ enjoying room service late last night.

Enjoying the expenses!

This afternoon I think we are going to watch the Quito footy team play, should be interesting to soak up the atmosphere, then hopefully tonight it’s a sad goodbye to Ecuador.  I have had a great time here, many good memories!  Definitely an interesting place to visit, particularly of course the Galapagos.  Now the journey through Peru starts, Inca trail on Wednesday – can ´t wait!

7 thoughts on “Banos and an extra day in Quito

  1. Alex

    I hope you had a good meal too stu, you need it more than the homeless hobbo your traveling with!

    Have fun

  2. pratty

    Were they overbooked russ because your hair took up another row and a half?

    City back to normal, got stuffed by brum, at least were safe!!

  3. Alex

    1. Stu, much as I enjoy a good thumbs up picture, I feel you may live to regret doing it in every single photo taken of you in years to come!

    2. Have you hired your own personal photographer to follow you around and take pictures. I have never in my life known someone manage to get in so many of the photo’s taken on their own camera as you!

    P.s. safe from what? ever getting back into the premiership ever again?

  4. Phil

    Alright Shepwad. I finally got your flippin BT colleagues to sort out my internet connection (having no access for 3 weeks) so am having a bit of catch up on your blog! Great stuff! I’m really envying your South America travels; the pics look great! Hope you enjoy the Inca Trails – and I hope you get “Oscar” as your guide! Btw, put some flippin’ weight on you skinny runt – big words from me I know, but crikey shep, wheres it all gone!

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