Mitud Del Mundo and Riobamba

Yesterday morning Russ and I took the bus out to Mitud Del Mundo to see the Equator lines/monuments (plural as there are two sites!).  The first site we visited  was the site a French explorer claimed was the equator line around 200 years ago.  There’s a big monument there, and a small museum about native Ecuadorians.  This site was built around 30 years ago and is very touristy, lots of souvenir shops.  Here’s Russ at the monument.

Russ at the monument

We didn’t like this site much and quickly left to go to the second Equator site, located 250m away about 10 years ago by GPS technology (where I went before).  The museum is a lot more basic, but we enjoyed it much more.  You get to see experiments such as water tests, strength tests, and the egg balancing – which we both managed.  We also had a good guide who was a very knowledgeable and entertaining.  Here’s us at the real Equator line (I ´m in the Northern Hemisphere).

Shep and Russ on the Equator

After the museums we went up to Pululahua Volcano crater as it was close by and recommended by our guidebook as a great view.  We took a taxi up to the viewing point only for it to be covered by thick cloud meaning we could see nothing!  There was a lady up there selling postcards so we bourght one to see what the view should look like – very amusing!

Postcard Scene

On the way back we stopped off at one of the many game shops where you can play Pro Evolution soccer on the playstation – Russ is still rubbish!  We met up with a few other volunteers still in Quito for a nice meal last night, we were trying to stay off alcohol but it didn’t last long when we found out it was 2 for 1 on cocktails!

This morning Russ, Ed, and I caught a bus three hours south to the town of Riobamba.  Axel and Tobi also  caught the bus  with us but got off near Cotopaxi volcano, which they are climbing – another sad goodbye!  Our plan was to ride the  ´Devils Nose ´train tomorrow, but unfortunately it has been cancelled for maintenance so we are a bit gutted as we had been looking forward to it and had planned the next few days around it.  Oh well, instead we are going to do a day mountain biking on Chimborazo volcano tomorrow.  Its Ecuador’s highest volcano at approx. 6000m, we get took up to 4800m and bike most of the way back down to Riobamba at 2800m.  We can see the volcano from the town – throwing ash up into the sky!

Chimborazo Volcano

We have been assured all is ok though and its been doing it since July, it last erupted lava in 1999.  Will be a cool experience I hope!

The story of the whales we tried to save on Isabela last week has made the press, if you interested you can read about it here.

2 thoughts on “Mitud Del Mundo and Riobamba

  1. Alex

    At least if it looks like your already being pestered by a homeless guy then it is less likely that you might actually be bothered by any of the local beggars? No?

  2. Lisa

    Positiv news as concerns the whales, somebody told me that we´ve only been able to save one whale, but five sounds better. How annoying that you can´t ride the “Devils Nose” train, but I´m sure you´ll have a great time one way or another. How is your spanish doing? Did I prepare enough for the time without your petite brown-haired diccionary?
    Escríbeme pronto…
    …y cúidate mucho!

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