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Posts made in Hong Kong!

5am Partying

We went down to HK Islands Longhart Road last night on the recommendation of Carols friend Jon.  Its certainly a lively place – lots of bars (mainly girly bars!) that were open till dawn!  Somehow we managed to stay awake till 5am – although Tom and I both fell asleep on the bus on the way back!  Don’t feel too bad today – although we’ve been chilling out mainly – went for some Dim Sum again which kinda made us feel worse!  Had some steamed Noodle beef rolls, which had a texture that made them very hard to keep down!

Have uploaded my Hong Kong photos here.

Heres me at the top of the peak, as you can see very spectacular views across the city:

Shep at the top of the peak

Might go back up there tonight to see the light show accross the harbour, we’ll get the tram up this time though!  We’ve an early start tommorrow – off to the airport for 7am for our flight to Bangkok so will be taking it easy tonight!  Hong Kong is a buzzing place, very busy – too busy, looking forward to getting a bit more chilled out in Northern Thailand.

Buddhas, Babys, and Houses!

Been to see the Big Buddha today, very nice, its on Lantau Island which has a population of 45’000, HK Island has a population of 1.4m!  It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Lantau Island is very mountainous with a rugged landscape – a stark contrast to HK Island and Kowloons cityscape.  The Buddha itself is touristy but good to see – I’ve always had a good vibe from Buddism.  Loads of tourists though but thats HK.

We got the ferry to the Island which was good as it offered a perspective of the geography of the Islands – surprisingly bumpy though as the sea looked carm!  We then caught the bus driven by asias Colin McRae I think – equally as bumpy as the ferry!  After seeing Buddha we got the Cable Car to the north of the Island – pretty high so had great views of the city, although its very hazy here so visibility is limited.  On the way back to Kowloon we stopped for Dim Sum (steamed dumplings full of meat or seafood) which was surprisingly cheap but very nice!  The resturant had fish tanks full of lobsters, carp, and crabs – all of which I think were on the menu!

Off out for a night on HK Island tonight.  Going to celebrate the birth of Jessica Wade, I’m really happy for Al and Katherine, having known Al for 20+ years and been his bestman I know he’ll make a great Dad – just a pity he’s a Villa fan!  Also celebrating being a homeowner today – my house has finally been built – fingers crossed we can get a tenant in it asap!  Feels a bit wierd all of this is going on 10’000 miles away!

Hopefully should have time to upload my HK photos tommorrow (might be recovering from a hangover I guess!).

Pratty, yep got a round the world ticket – with One World Alliance – deffo go to China its a great experience.

The Peak

Had a big walk round Hong Kong today – walked from our hostel in north Kowloon to the star ferry, which we took to Hong Kong Island.  Hong Kong Island is the original territory given to Britain by China and it shows.  This is the main business district – lots of business people, big tall shiny buildings, English shops such as Marks and Spencer.  Theres also a load of bars – so we stopped for a lunchtime beer and read the paper watching the world go by.  We then decided to walk up ‘the peak’ which is a 550m hill in the middle of the Island.  Theres a tram up it but we decided for the more challenging walking option!  The sweat was worth it though as the view accross Hong Kong from the top was spectacular.  Unfortunatley there were loads of fat westerners up there eating ice cream which took the edge off it!  The walk up was nice though as its through a forest and we visited the Botanical Gardens on the way where we saw monkeys, and other tropical animals.  We walked down too and ended up in a very Chinese area – many shops selling wierd and wonderful things!  We then had a pint during rush hour as the bars had a good vibe – before catching the subway back to Kowloon (under the water).  We are staying in Mong Kok which is not a tourist area so everything is cheaper – its London prices on HK Island.

Thanks for all your messages, really enjoy reading them!  Thanks for the facts Stu/Al, really, er, interesting!  Luke to answer you question – yep I’m tall here 🙂  Tom is ‘normal height’ when I lose him I look for the small guy but theres too many!  and yep I’m a geek, the hostels I’ve been in so far have had internet access (free here) so its easy to jump on and update the blog.

Think we’re going to see the Big Buddha and maybe find a beach tommorrow on Lantau Island – oh and probably have a few beers as Friday nights are supposidly the big night out here (5am close)!

On to Hong Kong

Tom and I flew down to Hong Kong today, much warmer!!! Managed to get the shorts out! First impressions are it’s a very busy City, and very compact – there’s hardly any space left! It’s a lot more Westernized than Beijing (unsurprisingly) but there’s still a big China influence here. We’re staying on Kowloon which is near Hong Kong Island. We’re sharing a twin room that’s the size of my bathroom at home – they really do make the most of the space here – good job I know Tom quite well! Not so cheap as China – but we had a decent meal for 3 quid for both of us so not to expensive! Pretty knackered as we were up at 5am this morning to get to the airport so early night I think. Tomorrow we’ll explore and take the ferry across to HK Island.

Yesterday we visted the Temple of Heaven in Beijing – they made sacrificies here to pray for good harvests – heres Tom and I infront of the temple:

It was a bit warmer than the days before so we walked for miles! So far infact we were well knackered last night. We got lost down a load of Hutongs (backalleys), where we saw some of the real Beijing! We also visited some markets where you could buy anything from Turtles to DVDs – quite interesting! They seemed particularly keen to sell us memory cards! I’ve added some more China photos here.

Got the bus back to the hostel and as it was passing Tiananmen Square a woman threw loads of propaganda leaflets out the window – prompting mass chaos/shouting and police running after the bus to arrest her – guess they take littering seriously 😉 The police frog marched her off the bus into a police car, communism at work?

Really enjoyed China, a very interesting place to visit – would like to come back and see some more rural areas and perhaps visit Xian (where the Terracotta Warriors are) and Shanghai.

Looks like there’s a good buzz about Hong Kong though so looking forward to spending a few days here before heading to Thailand. Gutted Coventry lost for the second game in a row 0-1, come on Micky sort it out!