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The final day!

184 days gone, 1 day left – gutted! Time really does fly when your having fun! Having said that it seems like ages since I was last in the UK back in October, and even Asia feels like a lifetime ago! I was sitting on Copacabana beach today reminiscing about the last six months – what an experience! I’ve done so much, I’ve travelled a long way (3 continents and 16 countries – craziness!), and I’ve seen so many amazing things. Superb!

Reminiscing on Copacabana

The beach is pretty cool, nice clean golden sand.  I’ve been trying to top up my tan, but I hear the UK is enjoying sunny weather anyway!  The surf is surprisingly strong, with big waves, maybe because its Brazils autumn (cool season, 30 degrees!)  at the moment.  Its been pretty quiet this week, but I guess the Brazilians are at work!  Still a nice place to relax and prepare to re-enter UK life!

Today was Russ ´s last day, he flew home this afternoon – missing you already dude! We spent this morning chilling on the beach (as we have for the last day or two) and admiring the views.  So tomorrow I get on the plane that will complete my circumnavigation of the globe, think I will have done around 32 ´000 air miles (got enough frequent flyer points for a free flight!).  I‘ve got mixed emotions, I ´m sad the trips over, but I ´m excited about seeing the UK again and everyone back home!  I ´m ready to put the backpack down for a bit and return to some degree of normality!  Tuesday will be a reality check when I go back to work – from home!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon, if anyone wants to buy me a beer (I ´m a skint traveller!) give me a call!  I ´m off now to eat some more grilled meat!

There’s some beach photos here.

Check back again next week and I ´ll write a view of things from Blighty!

Rio De Janeiro

We’ve spent the last few days checking out Rio, and have to say first impressions are that it’s a really cool place.  Yesterday we walked the entire length of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.  It was a national holiday so the people of Rio were down the beach chilling out.  All good cept all the blokes wear Speedos, especially the old fat ones (who told them this was a good look!).  Of course there were other spectacular views to admire, both on the beach and the great cityscape!

Copacabana is about 3km long and is, much to my surprise, a very nice beach!    Golden white sand, nice and clean, with blue waters – Barcelona could learn a thing or two here.  The beach has lots of little bars, kinda beach huts where you can get cocktails and ice cold drinks and there’s lots of signs saying  ‘No Stress Allowed’ – all good.

Copacabana Beach

The city is full of skyrise buildings and once your a few blocks away from the beach your very much in the city.  But its quieter than Buenos Aires, no hustle and bustle of European cities – probably due to the amount of Speedos!  We headed into Ipanema to see the large lagoon, another strange sight in a city and to an Irish Bar where we watched the Liverpool v Chelsea game.  A couple of really expensive Guinness’s later, and after plenty of shouting at the TV by Russ, we headed out to Copacabana to have a few Caprihnas (local cocktail) and relax – not a bad day to be honest.

This morning we were up early to do a day tour of the cities main sights.  We have been shirking at that kind of thing all trip, but we want to relax here so decided to do the tourist thing and let someone else show us round.  We started off by going up Rio landmark of Sugar Loaf mountain, via Cable Car, to see the great views over Copacabana.  You will all of seen it in the postcards, its the knobbly looking rock overlooking the beaches.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

The views over the city are fantastic and the cable car ride is fun to, it makes it too the top in three minutes – daredevil Russ was quite scared!  Here’s the view overlooking Copacabana – not a bad cityscape eh.

View from Sugar Loaf

After descending from Sugar Loaf we headed into the city for a traditional Brazilian meal – grilled meats, as much as you can eat!  If you’ve never eaten Brazilian style you deffo should – its superb!  Grilled beef, pork, lamb, and sausages – all tender and gorgeous!  Deffo putting weight on here!  After then had prised us from our seats we headed to the national stadium, known as Macarana Stadium, where most of the big footy games are played.  They had a hall of fame with feet imprints of some of Brazil’s best players, here’s me standing in Peles feet!


After viewing the stadium, which is pretty big, we headed to the cities cathedral.  Different to any other cathedral I’ve seen, its a concrete tower with four large stain glass windows – not really into Churches but something different was good to see.  We then went and saw a street lined with grandstands that allow people to watch the famous Rio Carnival, which brings the city to a standstill for five days in late February.  Its a big thing for the Brazilians, seemed a bit strange to me – they have a carnival in Harbury too you know!

From there we were driven up to the famous monument of JC that overlooks the city from 700m.    The JC statue is visible across the city, apparently given to the people of Rio by the French in 1930 it deffo adds a spiritual element to the city.

Russ being JC

The view made the sugar loaf look like a pebble, and you could see for miles.  Deffo one of the best city scenes I’ve ever seen.

View from JC monument

A really cool day, can you believe it I did the tourist thing and had a good time!  Took lots of photos, which you can view here.

Into the last few days now 🙁 chillout time me thinks…….

Iguazu Waterfalls

Another busy few days has seen us visit one of the natural wonders of South America, Iguazu Waterfalls. The river Iguazu forms a boundary between Argentina and Brazil, and at its most spectacular part masses of water plunge of a giant plateau – never seen anything like it! Masses and masses of water falling into an abyss. The falls can be seen from both sides, here’s the view from the Argentine side.

Iguazu Waterfalls - from Argentina side

The falls span about 2.5 miles of cliff producing 275 cascades of falls, and its loud you can hear the falls miles away! The power of the water is immense and where it all comes from I don’t know! The biggest fall is 269 feet high, but others are broken by ledges that send up clouds of mist and spray creating rainbows over the falls!

Rainbow over the falls

The Argentine side has lots of walkways  that enable you to get up close to the falls  – so you can get soaked by the spray!  Several of the lookouts have you peering directly over the plunging water looking down into the abyss below, really cool.  Here’s Russ getting soaked by a very powerful fall – he’s a tart aint he!

Taking a shower Iguazu style

He took a photo of me and pretended the camera wasn’t working so I had to stand there for ages getting soaked!    Fortunately its pretty hot so you dry off quick.  A few K’s upstream is the biggest part of the falls, known as the ‘Gargantuan del Diablo’ (Throat of the Devil), which looks like water falling over the edge of the world.  Its massive, powerful and awesome – a bit like the plug hole of the world!

Gargantuan del Diablo

Took plenty of photos and heres a load from the Argentina side.

After seeing the falls from the Argentine side we crossed over to Brazil and saw it from there yesterday.  You can’t get as close to the falls from that side but the view is more panoramic.  One of the best things about the falls is its location is an massive expanse of green jungle.  Probably nice and green from all the spray from the falls, seemed even more on the Brazil side!

View from Brazil side

Heres some photos from the Brazil side.

We flew north to Rio De Janeiro late last night where we are staying right near Copacabana beach seems pretty nice although haven’t seen much of it yet.  Only a few days of the trip left!!!!  Going to have to make the most of it!